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How much time will I have in my home each year?Your access depends on the number of shares you own and the location. In Paris, each share gives owners 4 weeks in total, compared to 44 nights in rural vacation homes. 

How is usage time allocated?
  • For Paris fractional ownership shares, occupancy for the 13 owners begins on Saturday and ends on Saturday, in blocks of two weeks.  
  • Owners may trade blocks with each other throughout the year, and it’s easy to plan since the calendar is set many years in advance.
  • Owners who wish to have four weeks back-to-back, consecutive usage, may choose a  share adjacent to another owner with the same request. By trading weeks between them, each can have four weeks of consecutive usage.
  • The usage plan could be altered by a unanimous owners’ vote.
  • You choose your block when you make your share purchase. 

Late/early arrival or departure?Arrival times start at 4 pm and departures at 11 am. Owners can request earlier arrivals and later departures. All efforts will be made to accommodate your requests, depending on the previous owners' schedules, and if the calendar and cleaning schedules permit. You will be notified if this is possible 48 hours prior to your arrival and/or departure.

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