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Fractional Ownership Ownership FAQ

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How are deeds recorded?Each deed is held by a Home Owners Association (HOA), which is a US Non-Profit Corporation. Each owner holds their interest through the HOA. 

What services are provided by Fractional France?Fractional France's management company provides ongoing maintenance and property management; aggregating and managing monthly owner expenses and taxes (both in France and the US); overseeing the HOA and resolving any disputes.  

Can Fractional France raise monthly operating expenses?Operating expenses are passed through at cost, and are always available for owners to review, upon request. We will only increase operating expenses if there are any real changes (e.g., an increase in insurance rates, utility bills, etc.). 

Do monthly fees go up each year?Monthly fees are based on a budget that the HOA is presented with at each yearly general meeting. The budget is adjusted each year, based on estimated costs for the year. Accordingly, it can go up, or down.

Can Fractional France make changes to the owner's operating bylaws?Material changes require an ownership vote.  Fractional France has limited authority to make non-material changes on behalf of the owners. 

How are funds used?Reserve funds are held in each individual home's HOA bank account and are managed by Fractional France. Funds are strictly used for repairs and maintenance, and the rare occasion when an owner is late in paying his/her dues. When a major repair is needed, Fractional France will call for special assessments to this effect. 

How does voting work?Every owner holds a vote. Owners can propose major issues to a vote (e.g., a decision to change a sofa, for example).  

What if another owner defaults?In the event of an owner default, Fractional France will step in to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved within 90 days, we will foreclose on that specific share and manage the resale without any disruption to the ownership group.  

Who pays legal fees if the HOA is sued?Legal expenses are passed through to the owners.  Each home has its own homeowners' liability insurance policy to cover such events.  

Can owners decide to run the HOA without Fractional France?If owners decide that  Fractional France is no longer providing adequate service, owners can vote to replace Fractional France with another manager of their choice, or self-manage the property.  

Can Fractional France stop me from selling?No, owners may sell at any time after 12 months of ownership.

What can Fractional France resolve without ownership voting?These involve minor repairs to keep the home in top condition, including ongoing maintenance like replacing a broken dishwasher. 

What if something breaks?Owners are not responsible for items that have a limited life span and that eventually need repair or replacement, like a dishwasher; those are paid for by the HOA reserve fund. However, each owner is responsible for replacing or repairing items damaged as a result of their actions, such as a broken window.  

Can owners borrow against their shares? No, this is not permitted. 

How do taxes work?Fractional France's management company is responsible for paying local property taxes. Funds for French taxes are included in the owner's operating expenses.  Each owner is responsible for their capital gains tax when selling their share.

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