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Embrace the charm and sophistication of the Marais district - your new home away from home, a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that truly captures the essence of Parisian living. From stunning palaces and trendy cafes to world-class restaurants and art galleries, this vibrant neighborhood has it all. Plus, with its quiet, narrow streets, hidden courtyards, and bustling markets, you'll feel like you're truly living like a local. Imagine waking up each day in your Paris fractional ownership France location, ready to explore all the exciting adventures that the Marais has to offer.


La belle hortense
Lord Marquis of Bercy

41 Rue du Temple, Marais 75004

This is the same chef whose restaurant Mirazur is currently rated (in 2022) as the World's Best. GrandCoeur offers a  Mediterranean menu full of fresh fish, with a few vegetarian &  carnivorous options. For the warmer months, there's a big, beautiful outside terrace tucked inside a hidden courtyard.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

28 Pl. des Vosges, Marais 75003 Paris


Located in the former residence of Anne of Austria, Queen of France, and wife of Louis XIII.  Chef Mathieu Pacaud reinterprets classic dishes with skill and real talent, using  top-quality ingredients which are full of flavour. An excellent dining  experience awaits, either in the romantic  library lounge or verdant courtyard  garden.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris

This oyster bar was named after a ship that sailed from New York in the 19th century only to be found adrift and abandoned with nothing but alcohol aboard. A neighborhood hotspot for both locals and visitors who come as much for the food as they do the cocktails.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

19 Rue de Picardie, Marais 75003 Paris

Follow your “instinct”: this pocket handkerchief contemporary bistro,  complete with a mezzanine, is in the hands of chef Maximilian Wollek and his enthusiastic youthful team. Market-fresh culinary score, with  bistronomic overtones in the evenings.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

64 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, Marais 75003 Paris

Founded in 1958,  Robert and Louise serves meat grilled over a wood fire. Beef ribs, entrecote, T-Bone steak, leg of lamb and ribs, veal kidney, and duck confit.

Tables are often shared with other guests, so get to know someone new around a good bottle of  wine. 


Lord Marquis of Bercy

13 Rue Chapon, Marais 75003 Paris

Parcelles is a Bistrot with buckets of atmosphere, an excellent wine list, and delicious modern contemporary bistro cooking.  This 1936 bistro would have been perfectly at home on the set of Woody  Allen’s Midnight in Paris: authentic furniture, bare or beige walls,  vintage tiled flooring, gilded ceiling, copper and wooden counter.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

52 rue de Saintonge, Marais 75003 Paris

Two great experiences in one. The taqueria is great - excellent tacos.  Then through an unmarked door, you’ll find a low-lit and relaxed cocktail lounge that’s offering some of the best drinks in the city.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

25 rue du Roi-de-Sicile, Marais 75004 Paris

A slice of Tel Aviv, a taste of Morocco, a hint of Lebanon – such is the formula of Tavline. Spices supplied by Shuk Ha'Carmel, the largest market in Tel Aviv, adorn the fine cuisine served here, including ksitsot daguim – grilled fish balls with herbs and spices on a bed of lentils with yoghurt and candied lemon, or the memorable memoulam (onions stuffed with lamb).


Lord Marquis of Bercy

4 impasse Guéménée, Marais 75004 Paris

After frequenting the kitchens of some restaurants with a great pedigree (L'Ambroisie,  L'Arpège, and Astrance), Chef Baptiste Day decided to open this pleasant bistro, where diners are treated to lovely market - inspired cooking that remains in  touch with the zeitgeist. Fresh and quality products, flavourful dishes:  a restaurant that stands out.



Lord Marquis of Bercy

33 bis Rue Charlot, Marais 75003 Paris

The Marché des Enfants Rouges is the oldest food market in Paris. It was opened in 1615 under the reign of Louis XIII, the market offers traditional stall sellers of fruits, vegetables, etc. plus some stalls are mini restaurants with dining counters.

  • Tu, We, Fr, Sa : 08h30 – 20h30
  • Thursday: 08h30 – 21h30
  • Sunday: 08h30 – 17h00


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Place Baudoyer, Marais 75004 Paris

A smaller market with about 15-20 stalls next to the Mairie of the 4th arrondissement

  • Wednesday : 10h00 – 20h00
  • Saturday: 07h00 – 14h30


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Marais 75011 Paris

Paris's largest market is as much an event as a place to shop. Blocks of specialized stalls—including ones devoted to rare wines, regional cheeses, game, seafood, and flowers—cater to scores of Parisian chefs  and epicures.

  • Thursday: 07h00 – 13h30
  • Sunday : 07h00 – 14h30



Lord Marquis of Bercy

Hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée

6 Place des Vosges, Marais 75004 Paris

The former home of the famous French writer, who lived on the second floor of the mansion from 1832 to 1848 and wrote some of his major works  there, including a large part of 'Les Misérables'.  A presentation of his  furniture, various souvenirs and amazing interior design. The first  floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions and presents his drawings,  as well as illustrations of his literary works.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Hôtel Salé

5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris

The Musée Picasso collection comprises over 5,000  works and tens of thousands of archived pieces. For its quality and  scope as well as the range of art forms it encompasses, this collection  is the only one in the world to present both Picasso’s complete painted,  sculpted, engraved and illustrated œuvre and a precise record of the  artist’s creative process.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Hôtel Carnavalet 

23 Rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris

The Musée Carnavalet in Paris  is dedicated to the history of the city. The museum occupies two neighboring mansions: the Hôtel Carnavalet and the former Hôtel Le Peletier de Saint Fargeau.  The permanent collection at the Carnavalet traces Parisian history  across over 100 rooms and some 615,000 artifacts, dating from the  prehistoric period to the present day.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

8 Rue Elzevir, Marais 75003 Paris

The museum's collection was formed between 1900–1925 by Théodore-Ernest Cognacq and his wife Marie-Louise Jaÿ, founders of La Samaritaine department store. The museum contains an exceptional collection of fine art and decorative  items, about 1200 items in total, with an emphasis on 18th century  France, ranging from European and Chinese ceramics, jewels, and  snuffboxes, to paintings


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Atelier Brancusi is a reconstruction of the studio of  renowned  Romanian-born artist Constantin Brancusi. An exact reconstruction, built by architect Renzo Piano, was completed  in 1977 and stands opposite the Centre  Pompidou. The museum space  features a closed garden, through which visitors can view part of the  studio through a glass wall.  It displays 137 sculptures, 87  bases, 41 drawings, 2 paintings, and more than 1600 glass photographic  plates and prints by Brancusi.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

Hôtels de Soubise and de Rohan

60 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Marais 75003 Paris

This free museum features interesting exhibitions drawn from the collections of the government archives and aims to provide document-based perspective on  France’s history and the evolution of French society.  It displays some amazing historical documents such as letters written by Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Voltaire, Robespierre,  But ascend the grand staircase and you'll come  to the Salon de la Princesse, a Rococo masterpiece that is one of the  most beautiful rooms in the city and which is alone worth the trip to  the Hôtel de Soubise. There are very few original 18th century period  rooms in Paris that can compare with the Salon de la Princesse and none  that are more beautiful. 



Lord Marquis of Bercy

60 Rue Charlot, Marais 75003 Paris

Number 5 of the World's Best Bars

There are no signs outside Little Red Door, but behind that signature crimson entrance – echoing those used as a symbol for speakeasies in  Prohibition-era America – lies one of Paris’s coolest bars.  The cosy space features brick walls,  flickering candles and furniture shipped over from London.  Sit at the bar to be hypnotised by the  mixology skills of the affable Scotsman Rory Shepherd and his team, who  are as hospitable as they are skilled.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

24 Place des Vosges, Marais 75003 Paris

Serpent à Plume is for you want to be inside a colorful Wes Anderson movie. The atmosphere is hard to imagine if you've never been there before but here are some keywords that can help you to project  yourself there: arty, colorful, kitsch. In a vaulted cellar speakeasy, you can enjoy one of the many signature cocktails executed with gusto by the two bartenders.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

20 Rue Beautreillis, Marais 75004 Paris

Sherry Butt's relaxed loftlike atmosphere, imaginative drinks, whiskey flights, and tasty bar menu draw a lively crowd that appreciates meticulously crafted cocktails. A DJ spins on weekends.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

31 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, Marais 75003 Paris

A  charming hybrid wine bar/bookshop where you can read a  selection of novels, poetry, or art books while sipping a glass of fabulous wine, surrounded by beautiful art and nice company.


Lord Marquis of Bercy

8 Rue de Poitou, Marais 75003 Paris

Cambridge Public House was founded by three friends, who have taken two distinct genres of bars and combined them to make something rather special. As the name suggests, the primary  inspiration is the great British pub, with a simple interior, laid-back  service and even screens for sports, but the drinks are definitely  straight out of a cocktail bar.

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